Onscreen Advertising


Pot O' Gold Productions


We place advertising on the screens of movie theaters of your choice during the intermissions. We have a captive audience waiting for the movie. These people have paid for information input. Their mind is receptive, and we have their attention in the best possible environment for long term retention.
The Experience
A comfortable, climate controlled, and distraction free environment enables your advertisement to have the fullest impact. No channel surfing or changing stations, delivering a recall factor 5 times higher than television. There will be nothing else to look at except your advertisement.
How National Companies Captivate the Audience!
Why is it that so many national companies spend millions in associating themselves with certain movies? It's because they know that millions of people like and regularly attend movie theaters. 
This association will improve their products' recognition and market share. Now your company can enjoy the prestige and recognition that is associated with advertising on the silver screen.




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Pot O' Gold Productions